Monday, August 30, 2010


So.... Some of you may know to the great extent that my parents lives are now changing. And since it already happened I can tell you all. My dad got called to be the bishop of the Spanish Ward of the Central Stake. This basically is like them going on another mission....except for five years or longer! Both of them move their records into the Spanish Ward and fully throw themselves into live among a different culture. So it should be interesting.

So my dad and I hurried down for one last beach trip for him and a much needed trip to see one of my best friends Deveney in Ramona (just north east of San Diego) and her new house. We had similar stories as far as buying time and purchase. I had been trying all summer to get down there to see her and take Audrey to the beach.

This was also Ethan's first trip to the beach.

It didn't exactly start out so well. Look at that sad little face.

Of course we chose about the hottest week of the summer to head down there! And this day was no different. Audrey wouldn't touch the sand, and Ethan even cried when I put him on the blanket that was on top of the hot sand! So

So there was a mad little rush for 4 minutes to get them out of cover up clothes, sunblocked, and trying to take pictures of it all seeing as it was Ethan's first time, and then rush down to the water so their little feet didn't burn! WHEW!

So we ate some sand.

Dug up some sand

Did a little sunbathing

"Swallowed da waves" as Audrey says it. Ethan actually decided to test out underwater diving. He is a brave sole at heart (all was fine just some big coughs and stinging eyes I am sure)

And all in all enjoyed the experience! Until it was time to leave and wash off or wipe sand from some sensitive places! I think I actually like the beach in THEORY! :)

We took the kids to the Science Museum at Balboa Park they had this huge 'Jenga' room with literally thousands of these little wood tiles to build anything to your hearts content. So fun.

They also had a room specifically dedicated to toddlers and kids that age. So we mostly hung out there and got to play with giant legos and giant magnet board with giant letters, and a huge ball maze and mini grocery shopping place. So fun.

Audrey got to go on the merry-go-round which she loved! I wanted to make sure to take her and have fun because I am sure I will have to go to therapy for all the times I remember NOT getting to do fun things like that!

Deveney's husband had just gone deep sea fishing where he caught a large Cod. So they treated us to the most awesome seviche ever! It was so good.

The girls (Paisley is Deveney's almost 2 yr old) didn't really mesh super well together. HEHE.. So I think both mom's were a little tired of the words, "we need to share" and "be soft" by the end of three days! But they did have some cute moments and it was fun all the same.

Ethan First hair cut

This isn't actually the first official snip, Charles did that unbeknown to me one night to take off those few ridiculously long newborn hairs that never fell out.

"What is going on? Why do I have to sit here? Are you kidding me"

" WHA-A-A-T is that?"

Although me managed to come out ok in the end eh?

AH! So sad. I didn't keep it though. Aren't I an awful mother?

Random Update

Just a random accumulation of pictures for the growth and fun things we have been up too lately.

We like to play outside a lot, although Ethan is not so sure about crawling around out there. He just ventured into even moving around. So he has developed and alternative....

Completely practical way of getting around if you ask me!

These are the pics that will be framed especially for the kids bathroom above their towels!

I had to teach in relief society a couple weeks ago and I got all in the mood I guess and actually got FULLY glammed out READY for the first time in I can't tell you how long. I also tried out the curls that everyone else has been doing for a year now! How does it look?

Audrey discovered the tent put away "conveniently" in it's hiding place. So we broke it out and let them play. Ethan actually crawled through the tunnel. Audrey wouldn't even do it when she was 14 months old or so.

Oh look how home own-erey we are being!

Ethan first time undoing the entire roll of toilet paper. Funny how satisfied he looks as he scurries away before I can even get a pic of him sitting in the pile!

We are pretty lazy around here at breakfast time. I realize now that you can't quite tell in this pic that he is totally lounging in against the arm completely unable to muster up the strength to hold his head up!

And his newest discovery today! I am small enough to fit into the entertainment center!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So you know that little email how I said P90X was not that big a deal!!!!

That just goes to show you how long it has been since I worked out seriously. Why in the world would I think that an arm workout was going to really really get my heart rate up? That almost never happens when you are just lifting.

It literally took me 2 hours to warm up enough to feel like I could move this morning. Everything north of my hips hurt this morning. THEN>>> I was crazy enough to choose plyometrics (ie jump training) as my second day workout. It was just about the longest hour of my life. I kept thinking, I can't do this a whole hour! I don't have the power! But I only took one break longer than they did and the rest I got through! I didn't keep up with them by any means, but I got my heart rate up higher than it has been a long time!

AWESOME! Just thought you should know.

Audrey kept asking me why I was breathing hard! hehe. Then after when I was stretching out, she came to climb on my back for a 'horsey ride' and stopped dead in her climb when she put her hand on my back and exclaimed, "mommy you soakin wet!"

HAHA love it!~

Monday, August 16, 2010


I started my first day of hour long intensity and torture of P90X today.

It actually wasn't so awful. I wasn't super tired throughout the workout, but about 10 minutes after I felt like I could hardly lift my arm to talk on my phone, and I am feeling it tonight. I am hoping this will be interesting enough for me to really get in shape for my cruise in December!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cousins Camp

We had our first annual Austin cousins camp. Audrey had been excited about it for a month. Ever since we were at the cabin at the end of June and I told her we would be coming back soon for cousins camp. Couple of nights she cried because she wanted to go there. HAHA.

I actually the think the whole experience went alarmingly well for 6 little ones under the age of 5 and all the adults and grandparents responsible for keeping them in line. The only major catastrophe was of course when we wanted to go take THE family picture up in the field of flowers. Guess who's kid CRIED and wouldn't cooperate. Yep that would be mine. So remember all those months ago when everyone said, "Oh your little Audrey is so perfect at taking pictures, She sure knows how to perform, she is never going to give you trouble." Yeah well you jinxed me. The perfect picture moment and this is the best we could come up with

And maybe one of the only shots I got where she would stay with the other girls! URG! AUDREY! Just SMILE and BE HAPPY!
Funny how they just don't listen eh?

My boys!

This picture is a result of the next one. But it embodies perfectly this laugh that my mom has that each of her children know well and adore

Truly letting it loose

Nathan and his "smokin hot wife" as we like to call her. I love this pic of them!

Every father should have a picture like this with his daughters!

This is totally a face I would hang very largely on my wall! haha love it

She was so distraught over whatever it was

And then totally pooped out by the end of it all!

Home made ice cream. So fun and so easy. But cold!

And enjoying our labors!

Cool Uncle Charles reading stories
Bed time stories

Grandsma's pretty girls ( and one stinking cute boy) all ready for church

Personally I can't get enough of this pout/smirk
Cute one though
Ethan wasn't so sure of the big bouquet

So we minimalized

Big girl of the pack. She was super helpful and had a cute moment when they were all eating breakfast and I walked in, and she was trying to get all the kids attention and full on giving them a little home eveing lesson about Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost. SO CUTE!
Having a little trouble with my flash

Finger action games, songs, and stories

My personal favorite pastime at the cabin. Sitting on the deck couches, all wrapped up drinking hot cocoa and watching it pour! Nature delivered for me and I was thankful. Is there anything else closer to perfection?

I ran inside so fast to get my camera and ordered dad out of his chair immediately to get this shot. I have one almost identical to it of Audrey first discovering the rain. So cute.

Some liked to sit back a little and be safer

Planting the first official cousin camp tree

And then of course we had to cater to all these little girls princessessness in them. How many mom's does it take to paint 40 fingers and 40 toes?
Maybe not as many as you think? :)

Ring around the Rosie

A little manly game

Some safe finger painting. I swear someone should kiss the person that thought of color wonder!!!

Audrey said her favorite part of the whole thing was going on a walk with "Papa" to see the water and throw rocks!