Thursday, April 12, 2012


Easter although subtle was a big hit this year.  Almost our whole family left out of town.  My parents are traveling the western states looking for tulips, Charles sister (who usually is left to head up the family gatherings) and her kids hi-tailed it out of town looking for snow in Utah.  I was a little sad in preparation for the holiday knowing some of our favorite people were not going to be there.  But ya know, when the weekend arrived we were just fine, we had plenty to do and I don't think we felt the lack.  Cassidy's family does a very fun Easter party in the park every year and we love to attend that.  Complete with tons of eggs, yummy food, and a thrilling water balloon fight we were grateful for a fantastic afternoon.  Charles needed some alone time for homework so I took the kids to the Natural History museum right after, and then even to a play place to get some more wiggles out if possible.  They would say the day was a complete hit!

Easter morning was of course one of the only morning Audrey has ever gone downstairs without me.  So she totally saw what the Easter bunny had brought her.  She was super excited and hard to convince to wait for the rest of us!  Sunday night was a celebration of Easter (I cooked my first ham all by myself) along with Jordan's birthday.  This was a fun night with family, yummy food, a movie outside on the projector, and a glow in the dark egg hunt.  Super fun!


I am not brave enough to try our hand at real camping yet with toddlers and kids that can run away and get lost, and the possibility of a very long night.  So this is our solution to letting the kids really get the experience but having fun too.  They still love it and have no idea the difference.  Ethan and I gave up at about 3 in the morning thought.  My pregnant midsection could not take the hardness of even the cot, and I think Ethan was a little cold. 

We have a huge 11 man tent that takes up the whole backyard, so we put the kids in their little play tent (which doesn't even have a real door) and Charles and I slept in the 5 man (yeah right) tent.  We bundled  them together with a rain cover to help them not be nervous and keep in some heat.