Friday, August 26, 2011

Stepping Stones

Yesterday Audrey got to actually spend her own money for the first time. Last weekend we had gone to get all the stuff for our 72 hour kits and we got watches for the kids too. Audrey loved it and wanted to wear it all the time and I kept telling her no because they needed to stay in the backpacks. She would ask me almost every day. So one day I told her that if she wanted to use her money to buy her own then she could. She was worried that she wouldn't have enough, so we sat down and counted. She had more than enough and so I let her put all her little coins into a little wallet and we went to pick one out. It was all very exciting. I stressed all the normal things of course that she would have to take care of it and keep it in a special spot. I let her hand the checker her money and everything. I thought it was interesting however another lesson learned more important than all those things. Audrey said something a long the lines of going home to put her money back in her bank. And I had to explain how money works. I think that was the most valuable lesson in teaching her about money. She had it, and earned it, but never got to see what it was good for.

And an extra cute little boy on the side

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweatiest week of my life

I have a party I am hosting this weekend, and I wanted to get this project done before. It took a lot of work and isn't perfect yet. Still need to actually lay the pavers and fill the planters and add some eye popping comfy pillows of course. But I am so excited that this is done. I have been wanting to build this since I moved into my house. I didn't think I would ever be able to afford it. Now I have planting space and seating space incorporated into one space.





The cheapest most fun your kids will have outside all summer.

Come on you know you always wanted to play in a pile of bubbles as a kid!!


Cousins camp 2011 was maybe even better than last years. It happened to be over Pioneer Day and so Grandma planed special things so we could help the kids learn a little more appreciation.

Jill did an awesome job in her primary way of sitting all the girls down and telling them the stories of the pioneers, and singing songs with them. I loved her for it. I realized that Audrey had never hear anything about pioneers and I was glad that she did such an amazing job. You can tell she is just engrossed by the stories. We all made little pioneer skirts and bonnets for the girls. Audrey's I made out of a couple of old shirts because I had NO pioneer kinds of material. It turned out super cute, except that her poor bonnet was NOT a toddler size. I did it from a tutorial with no pattern and that is how it goes sometimes.

So we all dressed up and loaded up the "wagon" so they would have to actually do the work. Some of that weight included Ethan who sat there perfectly royally willing to be pulled along. The kids did awesome and it was a lot of fun. We finally made it to "Ft. Harris" (my dad's old boss has a cabin at the end of the road) so we "forged" the stream and got to sit and rest in the shade and eat journey cakes and jerky. The kids really did great and pulled most of the way. Charles help up the rear (the WAY rear) when Ethan had to give up his seat to Tara and walk home. He stopped to talk to another neighbor along our "trek" who apparently thought we were all polygamists.

We got to do other fun things too, like make home made ice cream. Those pictures must be on someone else's camera though. And roast hot dogs by the fire, and giant marshmallows. We took several ATV rides and got to play in the creek. Kids love to throw rocks in water. Who ever said kids need toys?!

Mom also celebrated her birthday at the cabin.


We came home from Utah and got to spend one night in our own beds before rushing off again to California. We had a funeral to go to and decided to squeeze in an extra day to go to the beach as well.

> Audrey has truly grown up and now loves everything about the beach including actually getting wet. Ethan on the other hand barely survived the ordeal. He does enjoy EATING sand though. So he had that!
> Charles and sibling got to catch up with cousins they have not seen in AGES. Isn't it crazy that some of the best reunions are for funerals. I hope everyone I have ever known comes to mine. I love reunions.


While on the Idaho Trip we drove the two hours over to Boise- One of my favorite places on earth. I would move there in a heart beat if there were no other factors involved. I was only super sad that Charles did not get to be there AGAIN. I keep wanting him to go so I can convince him this is the best place ever, and he always misses it!

> We went to the science museum which had some cool stuff. One exhibit had this big bar that you pull up and it makes a giant bubble which you can blow out really far. They also had this little tube of mirrors you could stand up in and see a hundred of yourself. Audrey went NUTS in that thing. She laughed so hard.
> Don't you love my picture of why you don't really need a double stroller?!
> We also went to the zoo. The Boise zoo is the best, just the right size with some pretty awesome animals. Now if they only had elephants, our trip would be complete.
> My aunt and uncle have horses which of course Audrey has been talking about non stop since we went two years ago! She was super excited to get to see them and ride again. THANKS STEVE AND NANCY!
> We stayed with my cousin who lives there and it was a lot of fun to get to know her more and to even get a girls night with her and another cousin. Love it.
> We ended the Northern Trip with a couple days in Logan Utah with one of my best friends in her new house built BY HER HUSBAND, from the dirt up! So impressive. I love these people and it was nice to have a couple days to relax from a lot of activity. They were "babysitting" a horse so Audrey got to see another one for a couple days.
This was definitely a little different country life for us. Yards with no walls, a horse with no fence, and a rooster that woke Audrey up in the morning reminded us how nice life is in NON housing development America.
> That is a picture of their AWESOME playhouse I want to build one day. Beautiful.


Now this really WAS the best day ever. There is a retired couple that has a farm about an hour from Twin Falls. They have these plastic slides permanently set up on two great big hills on their property. They run water down them and provide tubes and all sorts of stuff TOTALLY free to anyone that has a mind to reserve it six months in advance. It is possibly one of the funnest days I have had in a while. It was so nice outside. The kids had a blast and Audrey even got up the courage to go down on her bum by herself right at the end.

> We also got to go to Dirkies Lake (or something) which is right by Shanoan Falls up there. Is is the perfect little spot right at the top of the dam with all sorts of amazing big trees and a perfect little blocked off water section with sand for the little tikes. LOVE IT.

> Also a picture of the girls doing yoga together. So cute.

Fourth of July

We actually lit sparklers while Charles was still there on Sunday. So at least he got to be there for that.

> We played a capture the stick game at my cousins house. They have almost the PERFECT yard ever. They are on an acre and a half and it is GORGEOUS. I was not very good at this game. Never much of a sprinter, but I couldn't keep from giggling as I ran, so I was not very sneaky.

>The kids loved the fireworks of course and Ethan kept saying "WOAHW" and Audrey kept saying, "This is the best day EVER!" I think that is slightly influenced by Tangled.

Twin Falls

We were going to get to spend our "vacation" for the year in Twin Falls. Charles ended up not being able to get it off work. Luckily he has long weekends anyway, and luckily Allegiant Air flies directly to Twin for OOBER cheap. Love it. So he drove with me over night and got to spend some time in Twin for the weekend at least.

> All of us at Twin Falls
> There is another water fall on the other side of town that is really long and cool. You can walk underneath it, and it literally is like 100 feet from the highway. Everyone take note at how awesome Colleen is with one kid on her back, one kid in her arms, and holding Noelle's hand while climbing down the little hill to get there. She is super mom for sure!
> We spent lots of time at the parks, and playing. The girls even got American Flag toes for the 4th!

As of late

Here are just some cute catch up pictures of the summer.

> Couple of the kids being cute at the dicovery museum.
> Then in the snow in MAY at the cabin. I I love how Audrey is sporting her pajamas along with winter ware.
> We took a tour of the fire department and this was a cute picture of me and the kids.
> One of Ethan falling asleep while waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to come over. He didn't make it obviously
> Playing cute!