Friday, September 19, 2008

Boise Trip Pages

Most of the rest of the ones from the Boise trip. Few more to come, then we will get to Tahoe! YEAH for being organized! and getting it done!

Colleen in town

Here are some pictures of when Colleen and the girls came to stay last month!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Craziest week ever!

Ok, so I have some very exciting news. In case you aren't aware, there is a women's center in town that I went to when Audrey was little and I needed someone to tell me things got easier! They are awesome and they do so much to help so many new mom's. Anyway, it has worked out that I do a photoshoot for the mom's at this group once a month or so. It is a great thing for them, the mom's, and me. The women's center is just awesome.

Well, they hired me to shoot at this baby bonanza they have coming up in October. I did a thing with them in April too and it was way fun and everyone said they loved the pictures! So, I was pretty excited about this. Well, we were talking about it this last week. I didn't really understand what the whole thing was, but basically it is like an expo kind of thing. Dr Sears is coming to speak at it- and his seminar of 200 is already sold out. There will be lots of different venues there. Well, aside from all the long details. Basically they have booked me at the only photographer to be at this thing. So, they are not only paying me to shoot pictures at it, but they are giving me a booth area to showcase my stuff!!!!!!!

Ok....... THIS IS HUGE! Do you have any idea how big this could be for my career? I am SO unbeleivably excited about it. I don't know why this wonderful place has decided I deserve this, but I am so thankful. It is going to be so fun, and so great. There will be so many people there. So, needless to say I am SCRAMBLING to make my business look as professional as I can and get as much printed and ready for display as possible. So, if anyone has any fabulous ideas that I haven't thought of please let me know! The next month will be crazy to get ready for this, but I am SO excited.

I have no doubt that this blessing "fell" in my lap because of the Lord's unabounding love. True testimony builder once again to PAY TITHING, and do all the other things you are suppose to do and the Lord places things in your life to help you with your goals!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok, I will do this in samll increments so that you are not overwhelmed. Things have been quite busy for us around here. We took a trip to Tahoe just Charles and me and Audrey. It was SO fun and such a nice relaxing time. Don't let anyone tell you you can't have a good vacation for under $500!!! WOOHOO!

Then we were home for a week and we got to spend some time with Colleen and the girls. They flew out for a couple days before the whole family headed up to Boise ID to celebrate my granmother's 90th birthday! SHEESH. I haven't decided if I want to live that long yet. Well, maybe if I am as cool as she is and look as great as she does I will think about it. It was so great to be there. Basically all my mom's family was there. People that I haven't seen in 15 years were there. I was honored to take all the family shots, as well as my first full frame 50+ person shoot. It was crazy but fun, and went suprisingly well. Just gotta take charge!

I think we convinced Colleen that moving to Boise would be ok! This was one of the points of going. Nathan and Colleen will have to make a decision about where to live (granted he gets LOTS of job offers) in May when he graduated law school!!!! YEA! the end is in sight for them! We are all so excited. So, we will see what happens.

I LOVED Boise, always have. There are SO many amazing parks and they have done SO much to clean up downtown and make it a really really nice place to live. My mom couldn't believe how nice it all was. We have some seriously cool family up there that do fun things like ride horses and repell massive rocks! Good times.

Audrey is doing superbly awesome. She is now a pro at crawling, (well as much of a pro as a flat tire will let you be). That is what Charles calls it. She crawls on her left knee and with her right foot, so she sort of lumps along. It is pretty funny. It is even more funny when Charles imitated her. not quite as graceful when you have non baby extremity proportions. HAHA. She is also a pro at FINALLY falling asleep on her own in her crib, taking baths, eating almost anything in sight, and reminding me that I should probably vacuum my house EVERY DAY. I swear we pick things out of that little mouth a hundren times a day. Thank goodness for immune systems eh?
So I thought I would share my scrapbooked pages instead of putting just pictures on here. That way you don't have to scroll through as much. I will do a couple at a time as they come. Enjoy. Oh, and I haven't done the Reno trip yet, I am working backwards but i will get them out!