Monday, January 24, 2011

That dang husband

We all love our husbands right....I honestly have an awesome one that basically lets me run the show most of the time. However, he gets these random ideas in his head sometimes that I can't really seem to reign in or control. This was one of those events that I will never let him live down!

I was getting ready upstairs for church one day. And I come down minutes before it is time to leave and the bathroom door is locked and I hear the clippers humming!!!!! He had been threatening for a while, but behind that door, yes my husband was giving my son a MOHAWK!!!! I was NOT happy. Minutes before church, there was nothing I could do. I honestly wanted to cry I was so upset. I mean I was not apposed to the idea 100%, but he used a number one on the sides and so he literally looked like a gangster prisoner or something. Luckily he is a cute kid and so everyone else thought it looked cute, but he didn't quite look like my sweet little boy.

Take not of this nice full head of hair that Ethan has pretty much always had!

Poor kid!
I let it stay for a week but required it be evened out by the next sunday for church. It is finally starting to look dark again and grow in. I have had to get used to it, but still can't wait for his nice hair to come back!

Playing in the snow

I love the usually one day a winter we have that is snows in Vegas! The flakes out by our house were so big as one point. It never stuck but that didn't stop us from getting all bundled up and heading outside. So much fun.

Ethan does not love his big coat to keep him warm.

Little hot cocoa treat to warm ourselves up afterward

Audrey party

Frosted sugar cookies for all the kids. Which is so simple but so yummy of course. I have the best soft sugar cookie recipe if yall are interested.

We did a yummy salad bar for all adults. It was super yummy!

Audrey birthday

Audrey's birthday is right after Ethan's. So we did just a little family cupcakes and pizza the day of and then had a family party over the weekend.

Gotta love a three year old that is totally satisfied with a few dollar store gifts on the way home from work! Yeah for glow sticks!

Ethan thinks he is a big boy

Ethan BIrthday

Ethan turned one right after Thanksgiving so we were able to have lots of family there all squished into our little house. I love little kids. Blow up some balloons, have cake and it is all perfect!

Ethan's own little cake

He did a pretty good job at totally destroying it! I think however that he only ate frosting!

Straight to the sink for a rinse off.

I sure love this little guy!

Random Updates

My cute little boy is officially walking now. He has known how to do it for about 2 months but I think because of the fact that he has an older sister that is ALWAYS on top of him, he had little desire to venture past the secure. Then one day two weeks ago it clicked and now he toddles belly forward everywhere he goes!

Painting snowflakes at Lauralyn's house. So fun

I let Audrey have at it with the make up brush. Unfortunately she does not understand the concept of less is more with make up quite yet!

Not normally a destroyer, however we have now learned that he is a climber! EEK! Hopefully this doesn't cause too many bruises.

I try to encourage some quiet play time in her room every day. I think it is good for her imagination and other such things. This is how she came downstairs one day! AWESOME!