Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daddy Toes

So the other day I was sitting with Audrey and I looked down at her feet and realized that she has inherited not my feet. I told her that she had her daddy's big toe.

Some tome laYer that day she was doing something on the ground at ky feet and made a comment about my feet and my 'daddy' toe.

Haha. Love the things kids help you realize don't make any sense.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ethan 9 months

Ethan is actually close to 10 months now, but when we took these pics he was 9 and his cousin Jacob is just 6 weeks older. Cassidy had the idea to go out to Boulder on the train tracks. I think we totally scored and they were so nice. There were guys working out there and we totally thought they were gonna kick us off but didn't. YEA! Here they are. They aren't worked on, but if I wait to get that done, you will never see them...but just imagine them with cute sepia tone and really aged or roughed up look. POTENTIAL

Cheryl Prenatals

One of my oldest and best friends in the whole world (like been friends since before preschool). Is pregnant. Not only is she pregnant , but having twins. EEK! right. Well, it was perfect. She is gorgeous and loves me enough to let me put her through this crazy photography idea I have been wanting to do for THREE years now! It was one of those moments where creative genius could be in the works, but it didn't happen right away. That poor girl was in the pool at night for like 2 hours while a fiddled, messed, moaned, and made her change position about a hundred times. Finally right at the end when I was about to throw in the towel we mostly got it to where I wanted it! Tell me what you think.

Sorry these are totally unedited, just wanted to at least get them up!

House Projects: Livingroom Clock

I mentioned how in love with a square clocks I am on my craft blog here. And had it in my mind forever that I wanted to make a really cute big one for my living room to add another element of green to the mix. I need it wherever I can get it! As usual with me I labored over what I wanted it to look like. Here are the results! I love it!

Chore Chart Ideas

Trying to come up with the perfect ideas for chore charts. My kids are little little and won't be readers for a while so I love the idea of the pictures on this one.

Although being able put a star by your chore also could be really motivating for little ones.

But I want to do rewards and learning about money also. One person did a token system, which I like because then you can get them to do other things not on the chore chart and add to the token jar! You can also reward them with activities or dates with ice cream or things not necessarily only money

Oh, and it has to be CUTE!!! hehe

-Other ideas to include: good behavior stars (being nice to brother), every day responsibilities vs extra chores for more money that help mom.

Love to hear how you all made it work when just starting out the chore idea!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cutest Blog Ever

It amazes me that throughout all time, there has always been creativity and new fun things to get excited about. How in the world have I never thought of doing anything like this....at this super cute blog my sister in law found Mila's Day Dreams. Head over and have a little browsing fun!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dawning of a new age- PLEASE HELP

I am sad to report that it looks as though my ever so trusted beast of a cell phone (palm treo) has finally kicked it to the curb!!!

So, the ever so tough decision about stay with AT&T or switch to Verizon?

And then trying to decide which phone to get? I abhor the idea of paying an EXTRA$30 a month to get internet on my phone. I refuse to conform to that trend. So am I understanding that the conspiracy of most companies now is that you MUST purchase this if you want a smart phone? That is the most lame rip off scandal EVER!

Can you do all the cool stuff like aps and the such with any phone? Do you have to have the internet to do those? I am so out of it. And what is the new hype about Android? and isn't there a phone called the Droid? Did they do that on purpose to confuse us? What the heck!

I am used to being able to do all normal phone functions as well as:
>extensive calendaring and LIST keeping.
>Syncing my device to ONE place on computer (that is why I like Windows Mobile)
>Play music and MP3
> Storing things on external memory and remove and use wherever I want

I think it would be cool to be able to
> Watch things? I know you can pay for tv subscriptions. Is there a way around that? An app? Do I need the internet for it
> Better camera
> Record video

Someone take a second to enlighten me.