Saturday, May 7, 2011

Emily's poem

There have been moments in my life when I have tampered with poetry (or rather rhyming poetically) if there are any professionals out there. I by no means pretend to actually KNOW anything about real poetry, but I like it when words sound good together. Here is what I wrote and read at Emily's funeral as requested by some people.


A life ended before its prime

Might possibly be the worst pain of all time

I can’t help but think of the things she’ll miss

Like running, dancing, and giggling with bliss

It seems so unfair to have to carry on here

To forget her little face is my greatest fear

There are no words at a time like this

To express the magnitude for the ones we’ll always miss

It feels so unfair when someone is taken from you

Sometimes you feel you’ll never make it through

You ache and it hurts just to be apart

From someone that could fill so much of your heart

Sometimes it seems the pain won’t go away

Some feel they’ll never make it another day

But there is something worse than losing someone you love

It’s not knowing the promise that was sent from above.

A promise of peace and hope is such a sad time

A promise that my little girl will forever be mine

And while living a life without her might be tough

We know we will be together soon enough

Heavenly Father has blessed me beyond belief

To feel peace instead of dwelling in grief

I will try to excel and be my best in this life

So I can return as an eternal mother and wife

May I live a righteous life and my faith never shift

Because an eternal family is God’s greatest gift.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Charles has a tendency sometimes to really milk some situations. His boss loss her husband 6 or 7 years ago and told Charles that he could take as much time as he needed. SO he took two full weeks! HEHE. So last week on Wednesday when I asked him if he was going back to work or not and he said no I said, "ok well then lets go somewhere" Why not if you have 6 days off work. Then I told him we could do that or have a project weekend. So he chose that. It was a little cheaper. So we finished some much needed projects and started some new ones. And we listed and sold a bunch of stuff on craigslist. LOVE IT!!

I FINALLY got my "mud room" done totally done. I have this closet by the front door and garage door like most people do. However, I have another closet downstairs so have made do without needing this one. And I REALLY wanted a drop place for all the stuff when you come in the door. So I took the door off built in a bench added some shelves, baskets and hooks, and viola! Instant mud room. Love it.


If you recall I built some little kid Adirondack chairs a couple weeks ago. They were actually a little on the tricky side so I wanted to try out one of Ana's other outdoor chair plans in a kids size and turn it into a bench. It turned out awesome and super cheap and super easy, so tackle this one if you have any interest in building something fun! Audrey was excited to pick out the paint color!

I also started refinishing my cabinets, so will post pics soon!!!