Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aria 8 weeks

We are so grateful for this little girl.  And I am grateful to the Lord for sending a reprieve almost always following one of those moments where I think I just can't handle it.  She is doing a super champ job at night and is settling down to more a schedule during the day even.  She is smiling and already starting to make sounds and talk.  It makes me love her all the more.  A mothers heart just soars for those little moments.  

Blessing Day

Blessing Day is such a special time.  I am grateful to all that came and made this a super special day for our little girl. 


 I was going to use my blessing dress and spruce it up a little or something, but it was the old 80's style when they apparently  thought all babies were balloons.  So I ended up doing a onsie dress.  I didn't have time to find a cute onsie, but I think this came together pretty well.  They only wear it once right?