Thursday, July 22, 2010

House: Audrey's Room

I am so excited about Audrey's room. If I weren't married and didn't have to worry about pleasing a man in the same room with me, I would go totally girly and bling it out in every lush girly way I could. So, that is what Audrey got! The pictures don't do it justice of course and it isn't totally finished yet, but here it is 95% of the way done!

You can see just a hint of it in these pics, but I got this awesome black shag rug at Home Fabrics. Originally I had wanted to go with a white sheepskin, but I decided white was NOT a good idea for a girl who likes to drink milk in bed. I went to Home Fabrics on a whim one day and they had this last black shag outside, so I got it at 20% off. At $70 it was more than I had spent on Ethan's rug and a little hard to swallow but it fits perfectly and is a lot nicer than his anyway!

FYI: this paint color took a specific primer and then two coats of red. I think I was super conscious of saving $7 so I went with the cheaper paint. DON"T EVER GO WITH CHEAPER PAINT!!!

Paint treatment. I was going to do pinstripes, but decided that wasn't quite formal or girly enough. And I didn't want people to think 'yankees uniform'. So I cut out three different stencils, (thank you to the cricut once again) and bought a metallic paint. It is a white on white so it gives it just enough of a shimmer to look different in some light. It looks AWESOME. But definitely needs to be appreciated in person. Come over!

Shelving cluster for girly stuff. I have a little poem I am printing out about kids growing up and taking time to play. I think it is appropriate. This cluster is right above her chair and reading corner spot.

True Bling! I found this mirror at Habitat for Humanity for $10. It was perfect, just enough of an arch to make it girly, and is has probably $7 worth of little rhinestone beads glued around the edges. It took the longest to actually sort through my entire bag to sort out the sizes! EEK! I am thinking I will probably add a little etching at the bottom that says something like, "True beauty lies within" What you think?

Audrey's chandelier was something of much thought and provocation. I of course would have loved to make it out of crystals or beads. But that would have cost me a small fortune. Definitely not cost effective or worth it. Then it struck me one day in the middle of doing something else, sequins. I ordered a 100 yard spool of sequins and cut them and hot glued them to an embroidery hoop. Looks pretty good for like $8 eh? I am thinking it needs some rhinestones glued around the circle at the top though.

This is the only thing I had for Audrey that matched her room scheme when she was born. I agonized over this design with a very patient Cassidy for weeks! I still like the finished design. Although I am thinking it still needs a little something. So I might screw crystal knobs into black blocks to hang these from and add a little more substance. What you think?

This is the little girl quilt like block Colleen made perfectly for Audrey's room. It patiently awaits a frame with glass in it. I have updated pictures for her frames on the way and I am thinking of screen printing a swirl design on this lamp if my fabric doesn't stretch that far.

Still needs a black chair rail at the cut in line and a clock that I can bling out in some way. So I will update when finished. Ask about how anything else was done and I will tell ya!