Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Conference and fall at the cabin!

Tinfoil Dinners and the love of a good campfire!

Cute kids

I did a little photoshoot with Audrey and the umbrella, I just thought they were all too cute!

Charles being an awesome dad and making dinosaur bones for Audrey to dig up out of the muck (Dr. Seus) and find. She loved it!

Halloween kids

So I found these super cute glow in the dark pj's at Walmart for $5. Love that they can match for once. So cute. When the lights go out Audrey says, "Mommy, my shirt is blinking"

So this is a new thing. I am about ready to strap Ethan to my hip all day just so she will leave the poor kid alone!!!

"seriously mom, another picture..." ( you can see it in her eyes right?)

But it is moments like these that she totally redeems herself and takes care of him. Innocence is pretty key!

Oh yeah and being cute!

Projects in the fall

The last several weeks have been run amok with much fun, MUCH work, and the love of fall in the air! Nothing gets me motivated for a great life like fall does. I guess that has paid off. We have gotten much accomplished.

I FINALLY got my den 90% organized. There is now enough carpet showing to actually warrant vacuuming in this room. You can sit on the couch and actually use the coffee table if wanted. There are still a few messes (mostly neatly contained) waiting other projects to get done.

Charles and I did our first official home owners "renovation"type project. We built shelves for our garage. I consider this a HUGE leap forward in our marriage that we actually did this project together and didn't kill each other. I swore a few years ago that I would not EVER work with Charles on a project again. This one was good for me though I guess. He got his way and I "learned" to compromise, and it all worked out really well. Oh yeah, and I got to use power tools! It isn't completely organized and we still need to tackle the tool mess and install our pegboard and accessories but hopefully this weekend! Is it weird that the smell of wood and sawdust makes me pine for fall? Always has, ever since my dad built our own haunted maze out of old scenery backdrops. LOVE IT!

I have finished a couple home made Halloween decorations. I like homemade stuff because it isn't quite so commercial.

I put up a photo collage wall in our kitchen. The big pic will hopefully be for a "not so overdone" nice piece of church artwork.

I made some fun accessories for my bathroom from DI finds, with a little metallic spray paint and glass adhesive, I love them Let's pray my kids listen to me when I ask them to not touch!

Mostly done with the chore charts. They are up on the wall and I just need to add names to each and vinyl to Audrey's. FYI----- Don't buy vinyl from a store!!! It is a super rip off. I just bought 27 sheets (all colors and the same size as you would buy in the store) for $30! off amazon. They sell 2 sheets for $10 at Walmart or Michaels. EW!

Made a slot memo board like this one. Thought this was a nice change on the traditional "WAY overdone ribbon memo boards that I hate.

I have also refinished our kitchen table and made my first KNOCK OFF WOOD build! Unfortunately no impressive pictures yet. I made two Hyde end tables from Ana's site for my dad for his birthday to go up to the cabin as outdoor end tables. It was not exactly an expected gift. LOVE THAT!