Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Please of please don't take it for granted

I just wanted to write of the trauma of our weekend for those who wanted to know. Frankly I am tired of talking about it so i thought that this might be a better way to let people know.

I was buckling Ethan into the baby Bjorn chest carrier to get ready for a walk. Somehow (I can't quite recall how) Ethan fell out the top of the carrier. Unfortunately we were in the bathroom and he fell head first and hit the floor. Fortunately he was wearing one of those pajama bag things and I was able to catch him before his whole body hit the floor. However, the deafening crack of my three week old baby's head hitting the ground will forever stay in my mind. I lifted him back up and yelled immediately for Charles. His little head swelled immediately and I was scared out of my mind that it was blood and that I had just caused great injury. We got ice on it and rushed him immediately to the peds ER. They did a cat scan and xrays. There is a fracture in the skull but apparently no bleeding in the brain. They observed him overnight but the flood of prayers out way I am certain led to all the doctors giving a positive bill of health for the future. He acted like such a champ and behaved completely normal which is apparently one of the most important things. Everything should be completely fine so other than a headache for a while we just need to watch him. Recovery should be 4-6 weeks to heal completely. But we were extremely blessed to find out that it was not worse. I can't even express in words how grateful I am. There is no worse moment in life than to see your child hurt.

The thoughts I want to express to everyone out there are please oh please don't take anything for granted. In this moment when I was doing something routine and trying to juggle a grumpy two year old and an upset baby, I was frustrated and frazzled at the complexity and oh why me factor. I let my gaurd down. I was focused on something even just a little other than my primal concern. There is nothing i would choose to be doing than be a mother. So even in the moments when that is more overwhelming than i would like to admit, it is my choice and it has to be the most important thing at every moment. There has to be a limit to the multi tasking abilities of women. Please oh please do not forget what is absolutely important and what is the best thing to deserve your attention. It could change in a heartbeat!

Thank you to everyone who pored out their prayers on our behalf. I think it is because of this, that I was able to hold together and be strong and level headed. We love you all.

Friday, December 11, 2009

When does it stop

It is so funny how you think you will remember every little detail of the parenting process. YOU DON'T!!! Keep a journal. I am actually a really good journal keeper (probably the reason I don't update this more, basically it is like me keeping three journals-real journal, blogging for others benefits, and scrapbooking). Anyway, not even I remember to keep track of all the little things. I feel guilty for the times when I get behind.

So my plea today....when is the grunting phase over!!!! I feel so bad for newborns as they try and adjust to all these new sensations. In my opinion, pooping out substance basically like water, shouldn't be that hard, but if it were up to my son, if would be a marathon! I can't wait till he gets in control of that and lets himself sleep peacefully at night!!! Here is a pic of the noble efforts. And a slighlty cuter one of his big sister smothering....I mean LOVING......Ethan!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Official Announcement

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