Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mexian Riviera Cruise - LOTS of pictures

Some of you may remember that almost a year ago I invited anyone that wanted to come with us on a Mexico cruise for Charles 30 birthday! Well we are back and I have peeling legs to show for it! URG! I hate when my legs peel!

We had two other couple go with us. One of them (some friends from Washington totally surprised us. She had never actually told me they weren't coming so I assumed it wasn't in the budget. And voila, they come walking up to our table the first dinner. It was AWEOMSE) The two couples didn't know each other, but amazingly got along fabulously and that made the trip even better!

I don't remember this about past cruises, but the elevators where packed all the time and a total pain to wait for. This pic is after deciding to huff it up 8 flights of stairs to the ice cream!

And man were we serious about that soft serve!

It became quite an art form to see who could get the most perfect cone.

1st day at sea, we hit up the climbing wall.

Now our dear friend Kallen is a big guy. He is at least 6' 5" maybe more.

And this 'little' mexican belay man got a surprise when Kallen JUMPED off the wall ready to repel down. You notice him holding onto the SHIP for dear life. I wasn't quite quick enough to get the shot of him actually two feet off the ground and hanging on!

And our first formal night.....don't we look mormon!


This is on the other side: Divorced beach

Emily jumped in the water full force ready to body surf....A few sand burns later I think she was fully satisfied!

And our authentic taco place. It was awesome and 6 of us ate full meals for like $38!

I built a sand castle to show Audrey when we got home.

We rented some equipment for the day and kayaked over to a private island to hang out and play on the beach (I think just to get away from the vendors hounding us mostly)

Kayaks beat the catamaran over there. No wind or something.

Then we got a taxi ride with a few sight stops on the way back to the boat. This guy was awesome. At one point as we were headed uphill, he stopped and shouted back, "hold on". We all kind of laughed, until we looked like this!

But we saw some awesome views at the top

Some of the local construction....screams security right?

We rented a van with an awesome guide for the day. We loved it. He took us anywhere we wanted and was way cool and gave us lots of insight. First stop.....




He stopped to show us this banyan tree growing around a palm tree. Pretty cool,

Stopped for lunch and got serenaded....which he then informed us he charged for!!!

Days at sea. Mostly spent eating till we wanted to puke! And other recreational stuff. I even got talked into playing a game of PIG.....some of the players looked a little more professional than others we will just say.

And another formal night ended us off on a good note.

Love to get all blinged out!

Catch Up

Apparently I didn't put anything up of our Halloween. And since we all know my kids are the cutest of all. Here you go!