Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Last few months

For those who don't talk to me on a daily basis...our lives have changes a lot recently, and we aren't done yet!  But here are the latest updates.

CHARLES joined the Air Force Reserves.   He started this year going to Highway Patrol Academy and after that didn't work out he decided he really liked working out and running and wanted to get yelled at some more so off to boot camp he went.  He was the oldest in his flight, but one of the fastest and most respected.  He has a few years life experience on some of these kids.  He has graduated and is finishing his third week of classes in tech school in Virginia.  He should be home in November.  After that, there isn't really too solid of a plan, but I have confidence he will work it out.  I am thankful every day that the Lord is taking care of us and knows what is best for our lives, cuz I am not sure I really get the point right now!

He was a drummer in the band (HA!) back row 3 from the left

 I told him I expect him to keep up his end of the bed making and clothes folding from now on!  

 I was super glad I got to go down to Texas to see him graduate.  It was almost like a second honeymoon...Except that while in public we were not actually allowed to touch!

The kids are super happy that now we actually get to TALK and skype with Daddy.
I have been a single mom for 7 of the 10 months so far this year and I have been grateful that Heavenly Father has kept me patient and sane.  We still try to get out and do fun stuff, although Aria who still "talks" to me like this pretty much at all times certainly wears on my abilities to be amazing!

  We went on a hike at Red Rock.  Still a little warm to do this in October, but still fun

At one of my YW volleyball games.  I did get released a few weeks ago so things have been a little calmer!

I took Ethan on a date to the Renaissance Fair in town for a little us time. 

 I am not sure what I was thinking, but Audrey saved her own money for a dog.  So I let her get one!

 Mom turned 70 and rocked it with style!  We were lucky to have everyone together for 2 days.

 We tried to do it up in style.  We made 7 desserts.  One for each decade and got to hear her memories as we tried each new one.

 Dad turned 66 and wanted to eat at Mon Ami Gabbi at the Paris.  

 We are not sure what the future brings for us all, but we are looking forward to it and living in the moment till then!  We are happy!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


 There was massive amounts of crying today from one of these angels after I told them no more Lego Batman today, but thankfully this is how we ended the day!  WHEW!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Charles Big Moment

So you know there are several types of World Wonders.  Man made, natural, modern, ancient.  And looking at these lists really makes me want to travel the world.  Well Hoover Dam is on one of those lists.  Most of us have been to Hoover Dam that live close to Las Vegas.  But only some have ever been as deep as Charles has been able to go these last years working there.  And only a handful EVER have gotten to do what they let him do during his last week of work!  Check it out.  I think they will miss him there.

It's 650 FEET!!  to the bottom.  See those two little dots on the left of the white half circle?  That is what people look like from the top of the dam!

The few people who get to do this are able to leave their mark!

Under the bridge from the bottom!