Saturday, January 4, 2014

Charles Big Moment

So you know there are several types of World Wonders.  Man made, natural, modern, ancient.  And looking at these lists really makes me want to travel the world.  Well Hoover Dam is on one of those lists.  Most of us have been to Hoover Dam that live close to Las Vegas.  But only some have ever been as deep as Charles has been able to go these last years working there.  And only a handful EVER have gotten to do what they let him do during his last week of work!  Check it out.  I think they will miss him there.

It's 650 FEET!!  to the bottom.  See those two little dots on the left of the white half circle?  That is what people look like from the top of the dam!

The few people who get to do this are able to leave their mark!

Under the bridge from the bottom!

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