Sunday, December 8, 2013


So I have some news.  Charles got the job.  LAST YEAR he applied for Highway Patrol and with everything in our awesomely efficient government going on we JUST found out that he got the job.  He leaves to start the academy Dec 30th in Carson City.  I start the 6 month long haul of single parenthood.  I hope I survive. 

The best part though is that we are finally finally finally getting out of Vegas!  We are officially being located in Elko, NV.  6 months ago I would not exactly have shouted for joy at this prospect, but I am actually pretty excited about it.  There is a little town just South called Spring Creek and it is pretty new, and even though it is still Nevada it is higher NV and at the base of the Ruby mountains which rival the majesty of Utah mountains.  All the homes are on 1-2 acres and there are 2 church buildings just out there in the town of 12,000.  Elko has a pop of about 20,000.  There are grocery stores and plenty to help me feel like I will still have a real city to live in. 

I am super excited to get to spend next summer in the snow, and get chickens, plant a real garden, and maybe one day (SH don't tell Charles) maybe get a horse!  We will also be pretty central to LOTS of family and places to visit.  Hopefully we can figure out how to afford a home there!  But we are very excited for this next journey in life. 

I suppose that means I need to re-tackle the blog.  So here is to updating!

We drove by this house with 10 dear in the front yard!

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