Thursday, November 8, 2012



 Smile Ethan
 No, smile Ethan

Growing our own green beans.  So fun, we are so green and earth friendly!

The kids love to come cuddle with Aria in the morning

Finally cool enough to camp outside.  I am not brave enough to actually leave the house with a baby yet! So we practice in the backyard, which the kids love.

This just makes it all ok.

Charles told the kids he would take them to Disneyland if they did their fitness.  Pushups and situps every day.

Super fun and super fast.  My kids love their Captain America and Mighty Knights shield (Backyardigans)

Audrey always begs to feed Aria.  She loves being such a little mommy
 This is her holding Aria like shes gonna give her a burp.

We got to spend labor day with our good friends in Logan UT.  They have a backyard without a fence and real food growing in their garden.  So weird and country like!

 We got to go out on the boat and my kids were in Heaven.  It was so fun.  Even Ethan got on the tube which I was so impressed with because he HATES cold water. 

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Mitch and Holly said...

Cute costumes and kids. Aria is getting big, and is looking alot like Charles. Awesome that we made your blog post!!! Come visit again.